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Property Owners

Helping to manage your property more efficiently

Exmouth Holidays is part of Eaton-Terry Clark, a local property letting and management specialist company with many years experience. The business covers holiday rentals, long term rentals and apartment block management services. This experience and expertise in managing properties makes us an ideal choice if you are looking to have your self-catering holiday property managed as efficiently and effectively as possible.

(photo courtesy: Sarah Litton, owner Haldon View) 

We can advise you on all of the different aspects of managing your property as well as managing the holiday bookings themselves. Our key services include:

Property Marketing and Bookings Management

We offer a full management support service, undertaking all the property marketing, online and offline, and managing the reservation and payment for all bookings secured. Our income is solely derived as a % of yours, so your success is our success.

The modern holiday business is very internet driven and we invest heavily and on an on-going basis in this area to deliver the best return for our clients. This involves not only in ensuring our website is of a standard to attract holiday makers, but also investing in other online promotional activity to attract more people to the site and, to the holiday properties listed

We know what works and what doesn’t and save the time, effort and potentially wasted money for our property owners by doing it on their behalf. We also have the added benefit of discounted group rates to offer even better value, as well as coverage for our clients.

Property Preparation Advice and Support

  • View your property
  • Suggest potential rental prices
  • Give advice on its full rental potential
  • Advise on layout, fixtures and fittings
  • Keep you updated with on-going statutory legal changes
  • Manage booking administration and payment
  • Provide a full property description and photographs on our website (on receipt of signed rental agreement)
  • ‘Real time’ availability schedule online
  • Owner summary of income and expenditure at the end of the tax year


Marketing your Property

  • Highly optimised Exmouth Holidays website
  • Extensive internet and holiday publication advertising
  • Enquiry forwarding arrangements with local and regional Tourist Information Offices
  • On-going marketing to database of past customers and enquirers
  • Own Use


We do not restrict your use of your property, however we ask that you let us know of any dates that you wish to occupy the property well in advance, to avoid any potential clash with rental customers. Once we have taken a deposit, it is not possible to cancel a booking in order to accommodate private use.(see rental agreement for full terms and conditions)

Management of Properties

There are minimum industry standards that all properties have to conform to, plus we have a desirable standard that we feel is required to make properties acceptable and attractive in today’s highly competitive holiday rentals market. To assist our property owners we provide a range of property management services, to ensure your property meets all the red tape regulations, but also to ensure it remains in a good state of repair with high levels of equipment, décor and furnishings.

Holidaymakers expect bright, clean homes with modern appliances and facilities, and well presented and fitted homes are reflected in the rental prices achieved. On a more mundane, but equally important level, rental properties must conform to all health and safety standards, have relevant insurance and undertake annual gas safety certification.

We know from experience, with other owners and as owners of rental properties ourselves, that little and often with maintenance costs an awful lot less in the long run than trying to put off or ignore issues. We work with a close knit group of suppliers that we know and trust, and can negotiate better group rates on behalf, as we provide them work on an on-going basis.

Available (optional) Services and Charges

We pride ourselves on the quality of the homes we offer to rent and on the quality of service and attention to detail we provide for our customers, to ensure they have an enjoyable and memorable stay. This is so important for us because we believe the best business is repeat business.

We have many people who come back time and again and this provides a solid base for the business to grow. Both in terms of a greater choice of properties, and importantly for owners, a greater number of bookings.

Fundamental to this approach is being local, independent and personal. We believe absolutely that holidaymakers should have help immediately to hand if they have an issue. Holidays are always one of the key decisions for people and they hold a lot of emotional attachment to it.

A local office, with knowledgeable and accessible staff on hand is very important to providing a good holiday experience. It is not just beneficial for resolving any issues, should they arise, but for enhancing the holidaymakers stay, with ideas on where to go and what to see. To tell about the festivals, carnivals and food fairs that are happening. These are the touches that make a good holiday experience great.

To keep to this goal we will only take local properties on for holiday rentals, so we can ensure the right level of service, to our holidaymakers AND our owners.